hasMany Last updated: 2023-08-15

You have a user and you want to prepare all the data that he owns and view it 

In such a situation you need to use the hasMany relationship

Now after we logically agreed , let dash simplify this process for you
After preparing your model ,  all you have to do is  to use the method

hasMany()->make('Articles', 'articles', Articles::class) 
hasMany()->make('Articles', 'articles', Articles::class)->use('user')

// this method ->use('user') if you are mention the belongsTo relationShip in Article Model to auto select parent value

class Article extends Model
    public function user(){
        return $this->belongsTo(User::class);

Label: Articles

method: articles

reference resource is: App\Dash\Resources\Articles

your current model User

class User extends Authenticatable {
 public function articles() {
  return $this->hasMany(Article::class); // by user_id column in articles table

You will also see the data show page here 

you can use the hide Options with all relationships in index & show page