Updates Last updated: 2022-10-09

After downloading Dash, you can always check for new updates
The updates are aimed at filling gaps and  fixing problems, so we recommend to always check the updates we launch in order to  get the latest versions and solve all the problems you face, but you have to follow some simple steps and  settings to enable your project to download the latest updates or even go back to a specific version

let's take a look 

Access key settings

After purchasing Dash you will be able to generate a new key

login to your account https://phpdash.com/login

go to your account https://phpdash.com/account

in Access Key Copy or Generate new key 

open your config/dash.php 

Paste the key in the settings on the variable DASH_ACCESS_KEY The variable can be set in a file .env 

	 * The key to getting updates
	 * @param string
	'DASH_ACCESS_KEY' => env('DASH_ACCESS_KEY', 'NzJPdGZkZENOMEdPM1NEVzlBc01waHAuYW5vbnltb3VzMUBnbWFpbC5jb20='),


Then go to the terminal
Run the following command to receive the latest updates

php artisan dash:update

You will be asked for your account password on our website

Then you'll be asked whether you want to download and install the new update or not 

 there's a version (1.0.1) higher than your current version (1.0.0) , would you like to install it ? (yes/no) [no]:
 > yes

Know the Package  will do everything for you, that's it

If you want to  rollback to a specific version, all you have to do is to select that version

php artisan dash:update 1.0.0

Then enter your password and if the version exists, it will be installed . You do not need to do much, everything is ready to be done for you.


Thank you for choosing Dash :)