Requirements Last updated: 2023-03-18

In this package, you will find almost everything you need to create a laravel dashboard. Essentially, this process will be free of confusion because our main goals are to speed up your production,increase it, and most importantly reduce all the steps you normally take to create your own dashboard. 

Author: Mahmoud Ibrahim


Starting off, all the libraries you normally take the time to install
will be directly installed in your project once you install the package


this package stable with Laravel version 8.x , 9.x , 10.x

with Laravel 8.x 

  1. PHP : 7.3 or higher  ( i recommend v 8.0 )

with Laravel 9.x  or Laravel 10.x  

  1. PHP : 8.0 or higher  ( i recommend v 8.1 )


no need anything to do